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About Portnetic

The vehicle export market to the Republic of Ireland was at its peak in 2019, when almost 109,000 units were imported from Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In January 2021, post-Brexit, the importation of used vehicles into the Republic of Ireland became far more complicated and expensive.

Prior to Brexit, Irish car importers were not subject to paying VAT unless the unit was less than six months old, or unless the car mileage was more than  6,000km. Import duty also was not payable on Irish car imports pre-Brexit.

Brexit changed all this and the Portnetic team spotted an opportunity to provide a unique service.

export partner in the UK - automobile export customs clearance specialists
export partner in the UK - automobile export customs clearance specialists

The enforced changes were sure to cause confusion. We knew our experience of car exportation and customs clearance would become invaluable to dealerships in the Republic of Ireland.

We knew a complete package of buying the vehicle, navigating customs and delivering to the dealership all at a reasonable fee would be in demand. Hence the creation of Portnetic.

Portnetic is a young company with vast experience in the export industry, which allows us to deliver an unrivalled service.

The Portnetic Portal facilitates the creation and sharing of documentation digitally. It saves our customers time by reducing the paperwork involved and provides real-time information & updates. 

Our team prides itself on providing a high standard of professional customer service and go the ‘extra mile’ for our customers. We are available by phone and by email and we can advise dealerships and vehicle importers exactly how to proceed. Those who utilise our services have complete peace of mind.​

Simply put, we are Driven By Simplicity.

Our Knowledge, Your Peace Of Mind.

You decide which automobile you would like to import from the UK and we make it happen.