What We Do/How It Works


What We Do/How It Works

Once our client chooses their unit(s) of choice, Portnetic takes full control of the process of exportation. We make it as straightforward as possible. We do it all and we do it right

Portnetic provides a unique opportunity to Irish Trade Garages (TG) to purchase unit(s) at a price exclusive of UK VAT while also significantly reducing the burden of customs and transportation regulations & associated issues.

For a competitive fee, Portnetic partners with clients, saving them time & money in replenishing their stock of used cars.

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How we do it


Portnetic buys the identified unit(s) in the UK on behalf of our Irish clients. Generally, we buy from the following entities;

UK Auction Houses

Our clients have full control as the bidder on the unit. However, purchased goods will be transferred to Portnetic account with the auction house auction house who in turn will invoice Portnetic inclusive of UK VAT.

UK Dealers

Portnetic will purchase the unit directly from the UK Trade Garage. The UK garage will invoice Portnetic inclusive of UK VAT.

Portnetic will in turn invoice the trade garage in sterling exclusive of VAT plus the agreed fee.



Portnetic takes full responsibility for exporting the unit(s). Portnetic’s management have extensive in-house experience in custom’s declarations and will handle all of the UK’s custom clearance procedures on behalf of our customers.


Portnetic will also manage the importation of unit(s) to the port in Dublin/Belfast on behalf of our clients and manage payment of the custom’s broker who facilitates the entry of the vehicle(s). Operating under Delivered at Place Unloaded (DPU) terms, the Trade Garage will consign the import documentation and will be responsible for any VAT and excise duty arising on the goods entering Ireland.



Portnetic will deliver your imported vehicle directly to your forecourt. The whole process from purchase of the vehicle to delivery to the forecourt will take a maximum of 7 working days for delivery to Dublin and a maximum of 10 working days for delivery outside of Dublin

Our Knowledge, Your Peace Of Mind.

You decide which automobile you would like to import from the UK and we make it happen.