Uk Customs Declarations

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UK Customs Declarations


UK Customs Declarations

To import a car from the UK into Ireland, we must inform the British authorities that we are exporting the unit. When we buy the car on your behalf, we complete the V5C/4 “Notification of Permanent Export” section of the V5C document and send it to the UK’s Driver & Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA).

It is also required to complete a customs declaration to clear customs in Ireland (further information can be found here). We offer this service as part of our fee. Portnetic will complete, by acting on behalf of the Trade Garage, a customs declaration for the imported unit.

We will prepare the customs declaration in advance (up to 30 days) of arrival of the vehicle into Ireland.

Uk Customs Declaration by Portnetic - Car importation and exportation UK

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